Learning From Home

Online Learning

Digital online learning is helping to shape the future of education and bridge the gap between home, school and online resources. At Leumeah High School we are always looking to innovate and enhance learning opportunities for our students.

In particular we are using online classrooms like Showbie for sharing work, providing feedback and communicating with students.

Our senior students, for most of their subjects, are accessing Edrolo which is a powerful learning and studying tool. 

These online learning spaces are already fully operational and being used by our students. But we know that sometimes that information doesn't always make it home to our parents. Clicking on the icons on the right will take you to the landing page for each of these platforms while you can access below, lists of class codes by grade and class. These codes give students access to their group. This is where our student go to connect with their teachers and receive work for learning from home.