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Getting iPad Ready

Learning evolved

For great learning, a technology program requires students, teachers and parents to work together. On this page we have gathered some valuable resources for you at home to get iPad ready with your child. 

Firstly, you need to know that as a school we have taken steps to ensure that your child's device is used solely as a learning tool. We have a software program that allows us to manage the devices students bring to school, allowing them to access our internet and restricting them from getting onto apps that cause trouble. This program is called Jamf Schools and by clicking here you can read a little more about it. You also get access to their parent app which puts some great parenting tools in your hands.


There is a set up process required for enrolling your child's iPad into this software. In this link you will find step by step instructions for preparing the device. 

We issue your child with a school Apple ID. This will give them access to greater storage (110GB iCloud) and allow us to support students and teacher collaboration.


At Leumeah High School we want to ensure that as parents you know the tools available to you to keep your child safe and focused on learning, while they are using their iPad.


Family Sharing will allow you as the parent to set up your child's ipad under your profile. You can monitor and control purchases, restrict which apps they download and find their iPad should it get lost. Click here for information about how to set up Family Sharing.

Screen Time is designed to allow you, the parent, to monitor and control how your child uses their iPad. You can remotely lock their iPad and set times for when you want them to use it. For example, you might set their iPad to lock while they should be in bed sleeping or lock them out of using certain apps. Click here for information about setting up Screen Time.

What do students need?

We ask that all students have the following:

iPad - Students do not need to purchase their own device. The school has purchased devices on the behalf of students which students can access through paying a heavily subsidised levy. This cost covers the use of the device throughout school, a case for the device and IT staff to provide technical support. 

Headphones - This allows students to listen to audio content during lessons without interrupting their peers. This is only at the teachers request and not for listening to music.

Wireless charger - we know that kids will be kids and for technology this means occasionally forgetting to charge their device. A wireless charger means students can get on with their learning without having to sit next to a power-point. 

Apple Pencil - While the pencil has some nice functionality, it is a luxury. Students will get use out of a Pencil at school but it is not a requirement. 

Here are some helpful links if you want to know more about BYO iPad:

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