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Updated: Jun 23, 2021

This term, Leumeah High School launched a bold new project!

We’ve invited our Year 8 students to take part in our first ever Quidditch World Cup. Click here for a quick insight into what they've been up to.

Quidditch? Huh?

It’s that crazy game they play in Harry Potter, where they fly around on broomsticks and someone always seems to get hurt. No, our students can’t fly, Leumeah isn’t Hogwarts.

Some clever people around the world have modified that magical game and made it so we, mere muggles can get in on the action.

Over the next 6 weeks our Year 8 students are going to compete in their houses for the Leumeah Quidditch World Cup.

But, that's not all. Each student is also going to take part in a Project Based Learning activity where they will research, prototype and produce a product which will contribute to the organisation of a  successful tournament.

There are six projects to choose from.

  • A training session and attacking or defensive strategy from our aspiring coaches

  • A video on the rules of muggle Quidditch for our aspiring referees and videographers

  • A broom stick or uniform from our designers

  • Some war cries from our musicians

  • A guerrilla advertising campaign from our advertisers

  • A blog or article from our journalists

There is an expert teacher helping students bring each one of these projects to life. We have also called from community volunteers and experts from these fields to come in and work with our students to help them make their projects awesome.

Our students were pretty excited last week when they walked in to find our hall had been converted into the great hall. They’re also pretty keen to get cracking on their projects. And because we’re backing them to come up with some pretty cool stuff, we want to invite everyone to come and check out what they have done on the 30th August at 4pm. This also happens to be the start time of the Grand Final, so you’ll get to see some real Quidditch (sort of).

What can you do?

Ask your child what they’ve been up to, volunteer to come in and work with our students or come in on the 30th and get ready to praise them for a job well done!

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