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Everyone belongs.

To celebrate Harmony Day and diversity at Leumeah High School students in the Year 8 Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) classes created interactive Aboriginal style artworks. Students studied the significance of Aboriginal dot painting and transferred that knowledge into amazing digital artworks.

Unarguably one of the most recognised forms of Australian art, Aboriginal dot paintings are highly valued worldwide as being a unique and integral part of Australian Indigenous culture. The story behind these dot paintings is both interesting and captivating, with several theories as to how they came about. One thing that is certain is that these works are influenced by sacred rituals and secret practices that reflect the earliest period of this ancient culture.

To create this amazing artworks, students were taught the basic skills in Keynote and its animation features. They were then allowed to unleash their creativity by creating their own version and interpretation of the style of artwork before converting them into short movie clips. We think they turned out amazing!

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