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Parents and Family, We Need Your Help!

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Dear worldly witches, wizards and muggles,

We need your help!

But firstly, let me apologise for the late arrival of this letter. Since we freed our house elves, getting typing done around here, has been near impossible.

On behalf of Leumeah High School, I would like to formally invite you to be part of our inaugural Quidditch World Cup (Leumeah style). We are very excited to be embarking on this crazy and daring adventure where our young wizards and muggles will be transforming their wild and wacky ideas in a Project Based Learning Experience. This learning will take place over the first six weeks of Term 3. Thursdays will be our project day of choice.

Our students and teachers are absolutely thrilled to learn about how to play Muggle Quidditch! There is a high muggle population at our school, however, there aren’t many squibs. This means we have a large community of soon-to-be witches and wizards who are excited to hit the field.

We are looking for willing, worldly mentors to get amongst the wizard and muggle mania and support our students in the creation of exciting Quidditch related products. We are hoping our local mentors will volunteer to assist our Year 8 wizards in their project creation. In return, our eager Year 8 students can enlighten you about the wonderful world of Quidditch and their Leumeah lives. Prior experience or knowledge of the wizarding world, although welcome, is not required.

If you are available, we would love you to come out and work with some of our best and brightest students on the 9/8/18 for a couple of hours and assist them with learning about the following options:

- Journalism

- Advertising

- Product Design

- Music

- Coaching

- Refereeing

On the day, morning tea will be served, followed by a short overview of our Quidditch tournament and how you can best help our young witches, wizards and muggles.

We are looking forward to having you join us.

If you are able to join us, please send your name, phone number and what your relationship to Leumeah High School is to Professor McWilliam (Care of Muggle Creatures).

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