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A Little Magic

Last term we hosted our first ever Quidditch World Cup!

Students from year 8 worked together over 5 weeks to develop projects, learn the game of muggle Quidditch and take part in a tournament.

We ended up with some pretty amazing projects from our students which were featured at the showcase on grand final day. There where movies, works of art, uniforms and performances all caped of by the big grand final.

As with all things at Leumeah High School we like to spend a little time unpacking how things go so that we can make great decisions about how to move forward. So over the last few weeks have collected everything that happened over those five weeks and put them into an iBook which you can download and read. It even has interactive pages with students work.

We'd love you to have a look and see what we got up to, so you can download it here.

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