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Out Of Area

Enrolments for 2021 

If you're an out of area student looking to enrol at Leumeah High School in 2021, there are a couple of things we would like you to do so that we can get an idea of who you are and why you'd be a great student to have at our school.

Firstly, please complete an expression of interest with your primary school.

We think that Leumeah is a great school and are pleased you have taken an interest in becoming part of our learning community. We’ve been doing things a little differently at Leumeah High School now for a while. In the last couple of years we have added new interest based project electives in Years 9 and 10 and all students starting in year 7 are required to bring an iPad to school each day so that we can leverage technology to unleash student learning potential.


This means we are also doing our out of area enrolments a little differently too!


If you can, we would love to receive a video application (no more than 2 minutes) by the 3rd of June with your child covering the following areas:


  • Why they would like to come Leumeah High School

  • Hobbies/interests/favourite sport

  • Extra-curricular activities

  • Favourite subject and why

  • And something they would like us to know about themselves


Please note that fancy video equipment is not required for this project. A phone or iPad is more than sufficient. 


Please also provide to the school by 3rd June the following:


  • Copies (not originals) of past two school reports,

  • Copies (not originals) of Year 5 NAPLAN results,

  • Any other documents to support your child’s application

Looking to Enrol?


If you haven't made a movie before don't worry, we are looking to learn a little about you. We're not checking in to see if you are an awesome film maker (tip: we teach cool stuff like this at our school, so we don't expect you to know it all before you get to us). With that in mind, here are a couple of tips to make your video cool. 

  • Pick a quiet place so that we can hear your really well

  • Pick a nice bright place like outside or near a window so that we can see your face

  • Plan what you want to say and a practice a few times

  • Think about adding some props, photos or video clips to add some interest

If you'd like to take it to the next level and have an iphone, ipad or Mac here are some links to help you have a go at iMovie. It's a free app that will let you do some really great movie editing. 

Uploading Your Movie

When it comes to uploading your movie we have a really great learning platform that we use called Showbie. Please click here and create a student account with the studnets details in Showbie. Then use the password WMUE7 to join our class. 

Once you are in the class, choose the assignment called 'Video Application'. Hit the + up on the top right, choose 'photo library' and upload your video and you're done. 

Thanks for taking the time to apply to our school. We'll be in touch soon. 

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