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At Leumeah High School we are working to provide great learning opportunities for our students and we continue to be proud of the achievements that they are making. We’ve recently been recognised for our strong HSC and Naplan results and in particular, exceptional learning growth in closing that gap for our indigenous students. But just like our students, we are always looking to the future to see what we can do better. 


With the world changing around us, particularly with technology and how that effects industry and employment, we are constantly looking at ways for Leumeah High School to stay current and evolve for our students. A widely referenced research study at the University of Cambridge has estimated that in this decade or the next we should expect approximately 47% of all current jobs to disappear or become automated. 


We have a vision for the future of what learning looks like at Leumeah High School. On this page we are informing parents of our intent to work on a future focused strategy for Leumeah High school. This means providing meaningful learning experiences around developing the 4 C’s of Collaboration, Communication, Critical Reflection and Creativity which are the soft skills that employers are most looking for and which employers are now indicating are desirable in employees, and which research indicates will be of most benefit within the shifting employment landscape. 


At Leumeah High School we've committed to being a fully one to one BYO iPad school by 2023. We started with a four week trial of iPad back in 2018. In 2019 we had an opt in BYO class and in 2020 we introduced our first full Year 7 cohort. In this time, we have seen improvements in student engagement, a reduction in negative behaviour, increases in assessment task submissions and increases in academic test scores. As a result, by 2023 we're committing to have all students across our school using their own iPad each day in  enhanced learning experiences. Click here for our BYO-iPad roll out plan. 

In 2020 we introduced for the first time our Z-elective line for Years 9 and 10. These classes run for a semester and are based on a Project Based Learning model. This means that all students in these classes are working on developing the 4C's while working towards a project. Topics include things like Lego, Crime Scene Investigation, movie making and many more. 


We're also investing in a range of emerging technologies such as Virtual Reality and Robotics. Here at Leumeah High School we want to leverage technology in meaningful ways and ensure that our students leave  School with the skills they need to take on the sometimes difficult challenges of the world. 


We will be posting on this page to share with you, our community, what we are up to and the exciting projects we are working on. We will also be hosting information evenings and asking for your input and contributions. We have lots to accomplish in this space and we need everyone's help, especially you - our community. 


If you have any questions, ideas or expertise you would like to share with us please feel free to drop us a line. You’ll find our contact details at the bottom of this page.


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